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Reference books for AWS enthusiasts

Latest American Water Spaniel Book

Kennel Club Books released the latest AWS breed book titled,
"American Water Spaniel A Comprehensive Owners Guide" in May 2007.

This is the cover of the American Water Spaniel book

As anyone that looks for information on the AWS is well aware, there is little information to be found. This book was written by Paul Morrison at the urging of the publisher, Kennel Club Books, the support of his wife Lynn, and with the help of friends within the AWS community who contributed pictures and stories to the project. If you are interested in learning a little history on the AWS and to know some of the peculiarities of the breed this book will definitely meet your needs. Now nearly eight years after publication the book has limited availability but can often be obtained through 

TFH Publications has a fine book titled "The American Water Spaniel" which can still be found at some stores and is occasionally seen on Ebay.

Training Your Flushing Dog

Hunting with Spaniels book cover

Written by Paul Morrison and published by Kennel Club Books, this book covers things you need to know about selecting, training, and caring for flushing spaniels. Lessons include basic training, using birds and bumpers, commands, obedience, field training, using whistles, retrieving, acclimating to the sound of gunfire, retrieving in water, marking the object, and quartering a field. This book is available through your local retailer, online at either Amazon  or Barnes and Noble, or directly from the author ($25 for an autographed copy - includes shipping).

HUP! is a field training book written by James Spencer and contains information regarding the American Water Spaniel as well as some solid information regarding the training of a flushing spaniel.

Training Retrievers for Marshes and Meadows, also written by James Spencer, is a great book for the all-around field dog.

The 10-Minute Retriever by John and Amy Dahl, reflects the authors’ beliefs that daily ten-minute training sessions best suit a retriever’s attention span and lead to rapid learning. This dog training book is easy to use for the absolute beginner and yet deeply informative for the serious student of retriever training.

Retriever Troubleshooting is another book by John and Amy Dahl. It handles the problems associated with intermediate and advanced retrieve training concepts. This book has been designed by professionals to help amateurs tackle common problems that emerge when training a dog to do advanced retrieve work.

The Working Retrievers by Tom Quinn is a bible of sorts for those looking to train a dog as a non-slip retriever and we highly recommend this book.

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With is a great book by Rutherford and Neal that helps the novice and not so novice dog owner integrate a new puppy into their home and life style.

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