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This page is given in tribute to some of our breeding dogs that gave us so much and to whom we are so grateful. They are all missed and continue to be loved.

CH Little Brownies Gunner Boy CDAKC Ch. Little Brownie's Gunner Boy, CD 
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Call name: Gunner
Born: July 1, 1988
Died: March 1999
OFA - ECR: AWS 193
OFA Hip: AWS-105G25M-T
Gunner was the second AWS we ever owned and became the foundation male for our breeding program. He had one mission in life and that was to hunt! Whether he was working a field for pheasants, the northern woods for grouse, or a local marsh retrieving game Gunner was all business. Gunner was a wonderful companion as well and served as a good ambassador for the breed at dog shows and other doggie events. He earned his AKC show champion and obedience titles in a very short time. Gunner was the quintessential AWS that showed his happiness with life and its situations by yodeling loud and often. He is still sorely missed today.
AKC/UKC CH U-CDX Little Brownies Cinnamon Teal CDXUKC/AKC U-CDX Ch. Little Brownies Cinnamon Teal, CDX, SWD
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Call name: Teal
Born: April 16, 1991
Died: September 23, 2005
OFA - ECR: AWS 133
OFA Hip: AWS-166G25F
Teal was our foundation female. In her younger days she was shown extensively in AKC obedience events and was the top ranked AWS in obedience for a number of years. She was the first AWS to become a UKC show champion in "modern" times and to earn the UKC Companion Dog Excellent title. Teal was always a top field dog and would still hunt up birds and rabbits even in her later days. Teal was fourteen and a half years old when we lost her to old age.
Little Brownies Vino DolceLittle Brownies Vino Dolce
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Call name: Vinnie
Born: March 19, 1997
Died: August 29, 2003
OFA - ECR: AWS 311
OFA Hip: AWS-352G24M-T
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH2/70M-PI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA9/24M/C-T

Vinnie was the son of Ch. Little Brownies Savanna and Ch. Little Brownies TJ Maxx. In his all too short life Vinnie was, first and foremost, a hunting companion. In a time that predated the AWS's ability to run in AKC hunt tests Vinnie was trained to the Master Hunter level. He worked as a tireless retriever in the marshes and as a top flushing dog in the field. Vinnie traveled to North Dakota three years in a row and earned his keep day after day. We have never had an AWS that was better at showing off the sweet side of our breed. He would always greet people with friendly attention and loved to play with children. Vinnie was a gentle dog that would roll on the floor with five week old puppies and be the first to show them around the farm when it came time to let them venture out on walks. Vinnie died far too young when he chased a rabbit across the road and was hit by a passing truck. No dog is missed more than Vinnie.

TheoLi'l Brownies Northern Theo
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Call name: Theo
Born: October 30, 1993
Died: June 14, 2008
OFA - ECR: AWS 344
OFA Hip: AWS-354F65M-T
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH4/111M-PI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA89/115M/C-PI

Theo was from our second litter and the son of Ch. Little Brownie's Gunner Boy, CD and AKC/ UKC U-CDX Ch. Little Brownies Cinnamon Teal, CDX, SWD and spent most of his life as a family companion and field dog to a family living in Sudbury, Ontario. Theo had returned to us on occasion to be used at stud and fathered a nice litter of pups; some of whom are still working the fields today. He was a superb dog on ruffed grouse and enjoyed bringing in a duck or two whenever given the opportunity. Like many of our AWS, Theo loved children, and he enjoyed a good romp in the field whenever possible. Unfortunately for his family, when Theo was nine years old, one of their young children suffered some health issues and Theo had to find another home. We were asked if we would take him back and, of course, we immediately said yes. Theo lived out the rest of his life - five good years - here on our farm as a companion and house dog. He helped to raise a few litters of puppies and kept everyone in line. He was a house mate to his mother until her death in 2005 and then to his breeding partner, Savi, until his death. The pain of his loss is still fresh and the wound has not yet begun to heal.

CH. Little Brownies BaciCh. Little Brownies Baci  
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Call name: Baci
Born: July 25, 1999
Died: April 29, 2010
OFA - ECR: AWS 396
OFA Hip: AWS-420G25F-PI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH6/69F-PI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA51/23F/C-PI

Baci was both a companion and a fine hunting dog that showed her abilities on the prairie fields of North Dakota and in the backwoods of Michigan. As she matured she became both a family and hunting companion to Lynn's brother who lives in southern Michigan. A troubled delivery caused us to have her spayed after her first litter and so her breeding days were ended about as quickly as they began. Baci was a wonderful mom and produced a nice litter of pups including our own Violet; who looks like she could be Baci's twin. Baci was a common fixture of the Great Lakes AWSC training days and did a fine job as both a retrieving and flushing dog.

AKC/UKC Kei-Rin's FoxfireUKC/AKC Ch. Kei-Rin's Foxfire
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Call name: Foxie
Born: April 29, 1997
Died: January 24, 2011
OFA - ECR: AWS 327/2004--87
OFA Hip: AWS-355G24F-T
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH5/108F-PI
OFA Cardiac:AWS-CA26/27F/S-T

Foxie came to our home a bit later in life at the age of about four and a half. She had not worked out at her previous owners and, because she was the granddaughter of Teal and the daughter of one of our favorite dogs, we chose to try her out in our household. From the day she arrived Foxie has always acted as though she belonged right here. Although seemingly withdrawn at first, Foxie blossomed into both a great companion dog and a pretty good little field dog. She especially loves to search out the birds and bunnies from the field but will settle for fetching up a bird or two from the pond if that is all you can give her. Foxie likes to be on the move nosing her way through coverts, ditches, wood piles, and the like with the intention of putting a bird in the air or a rabbit on the run. Foxie proved to be the best of moms relishing her role as teacher, provider, protector, and companion to her offspring.

Little Brownies Ceska VinoCh. Little Brownie Ceska Vino 
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Call name: Ceska
Born: March 19, 1997
Died: February 27, 2012
OFA - ECR: AWS 310/2004--82
OFA Hip: AWS-353G24F-T
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH3/70F-PI
OFA Cardiac:AWS-CA50/51F/C-PI

Ceska was a great little hunting dog, a tireless retriever, and a fantastic mom. Like her mother Savi, and her grandmother Teal, she was dynamite in the field but she really excelled as a water dog. Keeping Ceska out of the water was nigh on to impossible and having another dog beat her to a retrieve was pretty much unheard of. Ceska loved people and, at times, seemed to think she was one. She was as much at home sitting in your lap as she was sitting in a duck blind. In short, she was just the kind of dog we enjoyed having around. She shared our home for nearly 15 years and her presence in sorely missed.

CH Little Brownies SavannaUKC/AKC Ch. Little Brownies Savanna
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Call name: Savi
Born: May 27, 1995
Died: July 24, 2012
OFA - ECR: AWS 240/2004-110
OFA Hip: AWS-302E25F-T
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH1/92F-PI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA49/72F/C-PI

Savi was one of our favorite hunting companions, possessing remarkable drive and poise in the field. She showed promise from her first day of field training when she was just eight weeks of age and always stood in the wings waiting to take the place of her grandmother Teal. Savi spent many a day in the marshes and meadows of Michigan and North Dakota hunting everything from grouse and pheasant to ducks and geese. She was a great working dog and one of our special companions. She hunted strong until well into her 11th year and then was allowed to retire and make way for others. In her advanced years she would occasionally get to hunt a bird or two... even at 17 years of age. Long lived for an AWS she was able to witness the birth of her great-great-great-grandpups. Her favorite daily pastime? Swimming in the pond... right up to the end.

Our little tribute to Savi - some friends have said we should keep this on the site so here it is

CH Little Brownies Savanna (Savi)
May 27, 1995 - July 24, 2012

Savi On Tuesday, July 24, 2012 we said goodbye to our dearest of companions Savi (CH Little Brownies Savanna). She was Paul's constant companion and premier hunting dog. She raised four litters of pups and lived long enough to see her great-great-great-grandpups born just a month before her passing. She outperformed most AWS in the field and was equal to the rest. Savi hunted regularly until she was well into her 11th year and occasionally had the opportunity to hunt a couple of birds most years there after. She loved people and tolerated other dogs as long as none of them got too close to her best buddy, Paul. She was Paul's shadow, following him everywhere and always on the hunt for him if she happened to not see where he had gone. For seventeen years Savi graced us with her presence and was a fixture in our home and our lives. There are no words that can sum up her impact on us but to say that our hearts will be forever grieving our loss. Rest in peace dear friend and we look forward to seeing you on the other side.

ShooterCalifornia Way Hot Double Shot, SH
[Click here to view a pedigree.] Shooter's JH title certificate Shooter's SH title certificate
Call name: Shooter
May 3, 2008 - September 11, 2013
DNA Profile #: V667754
OFA - ECR: AWS-602
OFA Hip: AWS-654G28M-VPI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH32/27MVPI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA207/19M/C-VPI

Shooter came to us from California American Water Spaniels. He stood 18" tall and weighed in at 46 pounds. He was a proficient hunting dog with a love of the water and boundless energy. Shooter sired his first litter in 2011 and his offspring show the same drive and determination he did. Shooter earned his AKC Junior Hunter title on August 7, 2011 and went on to earn his first two Senior Hunter passes just one week later. Shooter completed his Senior Hunter title requirements on May 20, 2012 earning the required four passes in four attempts. We miss him dearly.

Little Brownies Millie MaeLittle Brownies Millie Mae
[Click here to view a pedigree.]
Call name: Millie
Born: June 10, 2002
Died: March 1, 2015
OFA - ECR: AWS 494
OFA Hip: AWS 499G26F-PI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH13/46F-PI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA118/226F/C-PI

Millie was the daughter of Foxie (UKC/AKC Ch. Kei-Rin's Foxfire) and Vinnie (Little Brownies Vino Dolce). She was a fine all-around field dog that spent most of her time afield in the uplands. Millie  played a back-up role on the plains of North Dakota in the past where she was responsible for putting a number of rooster pheasants before the gun and for rooting out a couple of cripples that would have been lost without her exceptional nose. While not a stylish retriever, Millie made certain that the job got done. Millie was retired in the summer of 2011 and remained at our home as an ever present companion who entertained us with her yodels. We will forever miss our "silly Millie!"

Little Brownies Cooki CutterLittle Brownies Cooki Cutter
[Click here to view a pedigree.]
Call name: Cutter
Born: April 10, 2004
Died: June 24, 2016
OFA - ECR: AWS 508
OFA Hip: AWS 537G25F-PI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH14/24F-PI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA130/14F/S-PI
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy: AWS-DM27/131F-VPI

Cutter came to us from an outside kennel and proved to be a wonderful companion dog. She spent a season in the fields of North Dakota but her principal role was companion and ambassador while she lived with our friend Sister Marie Kopin. Despite serving as a companion to Sister Marie, with whom we co-owned Cutter, she was an integral part of our breeding program. She was used on a limited basis in an effort to introduce some new genes to the mix and thus maintain genetic diversity in not only our line but the AWS community at large. Her offspring went on to establish themselves as fine companions and hunting dogs. Cutter's favorite pastime? Keeping all those pesky squirrels out of Sister Marie's yard and fetching anything and everything from the pond.

BrownieLittle Brownies Brown Sugar, SH
[Click here to view a pedigree.] Brownie's JH Certificate Brownies SH certificate
Call name: Brownie
Born: March 28, 2007
Died: August 24, 2016
OFA Hip: AWS-620G24M-VPI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH28/14M-VPI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA190/20M/C-VPI
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy: AWS-DM29/95M-VPI

Brownie was the son of Pivo and Cutter. He lived too short a life but demonstrated his ability in the field and marshes around Michigan and was simply a great companion. He loved the water, and got along great with people and other dogs. Like his father, Brownie was a big lover boy that wanted to be at your feet or in your lap whenever possible. He stood 18" at the shoulder and weighed in at 42 pounds. Brownie was seen at most Great Lakes AWSC events and would occasionally be found running in hunt tests. Brownie sired his first litter in the summer of 2009 and his pups have shown great promise in the field. Brownie earned his AKC Junior Hunter title on August 7, 2011 and went on to earn his first Senior Hunter pass just one week later. In his first weekend of hunt tests for 2012 he completed two Senior Hunter passes and finished his title on August 4, 2012 Brownie. In September of 2013 we put Brownie back into hunt tests and he earned his first three Master Hunter passes. He ran in only one set of tests in 2014 without success but went on to earn his fourth MH pass in the spring of 2015. He needed one more pass to earn the Master Hunter title but time did not give us that opportunity.

AKC/UKC CH. Little Brownies Ceske PivoAKC/UKC CH. Little Brownies Ceske Pivo
[Click here to view a pedigree.]
Call name: Pivo
Born: November 12, 2001
Died: January 5, 2017
OFA - ECR: AWS-459/2008--81
OFA Hip: AWS-466G24M-PI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH7/53M-PI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA85/18M/C-PI
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy: AWS-DM26/159M-VPI

Pivo was a son of Ceska and showed as much love of the water as his mother did. He was a tireless retriever and a great upland dog. He put in a number of years doing yeoman's work in the fields and potholes of  North Dakota and was regularly found out and about the fields and marshes of Michigan. Having finished both his AKC and UKC championships Pivo was retired from the show ring. Over the two years of his "show career" Pivo garnered a Group 3 at his first UKC show, when he was just eight months old, and held a slot as one of the Top Ten AWS in the UKC for 2002. In June of 2003 Pivo was awarded the Best of Breed ribbon during the Top Ten finalist competition. On the Fourth of July, 2004, Pivo earned his AKC Championship ... we found that very fitting for an AMERICAN Water Spaniel. In May of 2006 Pivo earned his first qualifying ribbon at an AKC hunt test in Wisconsin. Pivo also won the 2006 American Water Spaniel Club, Roustabout competition from a field of about 29 other dogs. Pivo performed very well during all of his North American hunting expeditions and reached that age where his experience afield is easily recognized, retiring from the field at 12 years of age. His passing is a bit of a milestone at Little Brownies and he is sadly missed.

Little Brownies Violet FlameLittle Brownies Violet Flame, SH
[Click here to view a pedigree.] Violet's Senior Hunter certificate
Call Name: Violet
Born: May 23, 2005
Died: March 9, 2018
OFA - ECR: AWS-547
OFA Hip: AWS-57G25F-PI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH18/12M-PI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA154/20F/C-PI
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy: AWS-DM28/117F-PI-CAR

Violet was the daughter of Baci (CH. Little Brownies Baci) and Pivo (CH. Little Brownies Ceske Pivo). She was a few months shy of her 13th birtheday at her death. Violet earned her AKC Junior and Senior Hunter titles. She demonstrated her hunting prowess both in Michigan and on the prairie and potholes in North Dakota. Taking after her father, Pivo, Violet loved to do it all. She enjoyed a comfortable retirement lounging on one of the dog beds and patroling the property. She always looked after the young pups even in her older age and took on the duties of matriarch with great vigor. 

Used at stud:

AWS Marshland Gunner of Swan LakeGunner - Marshland Gunner of Swan Lake
[Click here to view a pedigree.]
Call name: Gunner
Born: June 26, 2005
OFA - ECR: AWS-581
OFA Hip: AWS-618E41M-VPI
OFA Thyroid: Equivocal (could not be determined due to problem with blood sample)
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA191/41M/C-VPI

Gunner was owned by Swan Lake Kennel, a kennel that bred AWS from the 1960s into the 2000s, and used to both diversify Little Brownies Kennel's gene pool and to complement what is already in our breeding program. Gunner spent three weeks at our kennel while we obtained his CHIC health clearances and he did his duty as a stud dog. He had a wonderful temperament and demonstrated his drive as a hunting dog while at our home. He played well with other dogs and was great with everyone he met. Swan Lake Kennel bred some of the finest field dogs around, along with show champions, obedience competitors, and more. Gunner was first used in our breeding program in 2009 and again in 2010. His offspring have shown their ability in the field as both upland and waterfowl dogs. Gunner passed away in the fall of 2014.

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