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This page is provided to give you some background information on dogs that we own and that you may see appearing in our pedigrees.

Little Brownies Violet FlameLittle Brownies Violet Flame, SH
[Click here to view a pedigree.] Violet's Senior Hunter certificate
Call Name: Violet
Born:  May 23, 2005
OFA - ECR: AWS-547
OFA Hip: AWS-57G25F-PI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH18/12M-PI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA154/20F/C-PI
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy: AWS-DM28/117F-PI-CAR

Violet is the daughter of Baci (CH. Little Brownies Baci) and Pivo (CH. Little Brownies Ceske Pivo). She is currently 12 years of age and has been retired from our breeding program and the field. Violet has earned her AKC Junior and Senior Hunter titles. She demonstrated her hunting prowess both in Michigan and on the prairie and potholes in North Dakota. Taking after her father, Pivo, Violet loved to do it all. She is enjoying a comfortable retirement lounging on one of the dog beds and patroling the property.

NamyLittle Brownies Namaste, CDX
[Click here to view a pedigree.] Namy CD Certificate Namy CDX Certificate
Call name: Namy
Born:  May 22, 2008
OFA Hip: AWS-653F28F-VPI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH33/28F-VPI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA206/18F/C-VPI
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy: AWS-DM30/81F-VPI

Namy is the daughter of Pivo (CH Little Brownies Ceske Pivo) and Cutter (Little Brownies Cooki Cutter). She was the "cover girl" for Purina's Today's Breeder magazine in the fall of 2008. Namy stands 16.5" tall and weighs in at a scant 30 pounds. She shows great promise as a working gun dog and has gone through some extensive formal field training. Namy loves the water - it is hard to keep her out of it - and rooting around the fields for bird and rabbit scent. When our friend, Peggy Will, lost her AWS suddenly and prematurely in the late summer of 2009 she began a search for her next AWS. Namy had been one of Peggy's favorites and so in the spring of 2010 we offered Namy to Peggy on a trial basis. Namy and Peggy quickly became best of friends and Namy has now gone on to live with Peggy fulltime. Once she passed all of her health clearances she was available to come back to us for breeding on occasion. The rest of the time she spent as Peggy's companion in upstate NY. Namy earned her Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) obedience title in August of 2014. She is now retired from breeding but still competes in obedience. She has a housemate in her daughter Ginger, who is also being groomed for obedience work and may one day enter our breeding program. 

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