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MickeyCH Little Brownies Mighty Mickey JH
[Click here to view a pedigree]Mickey CH certificate
Call name: Mickey
Born: November 19, 2013
OFA Hip: AWS-735E24M-VPI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH48/25M-PI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA287/16M/C-VPI
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy: AWS-DM38/16M-VPI

Mickey CH pictureMickey is the son of CH Edie's Lord of the Water Strider, RN, FMCh and CH Little Brownies Peanut M and M, JH. He has shown his ability as both an upland dog and waterfowl retriever. In 2015 he completed three of the required four passes toward his Junior Hunter title and finally returned to hunt tests in 2017 where he completed the Junior Hunter title. He will begin to move on to his Senior Hunter title as time permits. He entered the show ring in 2015 as well and finished his AKC championship on April 10, 2016. We look forward to many years with Mickey both in the field and as a stud dog contributing to our breeding program.

Other Dogs Used at Stud

Little Brownies Kennel commonly uses what is referred to as line-breeding in its breeding program. That means we typically breed dogs that are somewhat but not too closely related to one another (cousins, aunts bred to nephews, etc.) in order to maintain the health, type, and quality of the offspring produced. When a kennel uses line-breeding it needs to occasionally introduce outside bloodlines (referred to as out-crossing - where very distantly related or totally unrelated dogs are bred together) to maintain genetic diversity or it will eventually begin to develop an in-breeding program. We believe that the AWS community has far too many breeders that are in-breeding (brothers to sisters, fathers to daughters, etc.) over and over again and that all breeders need to strive to develop more diversification in the American Water Spaniel gene pool.

StoneStone - Little Brownies Ceske Kamen
[Click here to view a pedigree.]
Call name: Stone
Born: April 14, 2013
OFA Hip: AWS-726E24M-VPI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH43/23M-VPI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA286/23M/C-VPI
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy: AWS-DM41/23M-VPI

Stone is from a breeding between Shooter and Violet. He is a great looking dog with good movement, a wonderful temperament, and excellent working ability. Since he was six months old he has spent time in the field pulling retrieving and flushing duties from Michigan to North Dakota. He is used to hunt ducks, pheasants, and all types of gamebirds. While he is not owned by us, he does reside in Michigan and can be seen at our place several times a year. We have kept an eye on him from the day he was born and he has never disappointed us. As you can see above, he is a healthy fella and we look forward to using him at stud later in 2015. His owners entered their first hunt test in the spring of 2015 and earned the first pass toward the Junior Hunter title. We expect that we will be seeing him out at other hunt tests in the future. Click here to see a short video of Stone working on Michigan's opening day of duck season 2015.

Brown BearBrown Bear - CH Kraskeys Grand Brown Bear
[Click here to view a pedigree.]
Call name: Brown Bear
Born: July 21, 2010
OFA Hip: AWS-699G33M-VPI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH46/63M-VPI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-CA296/66M/S-PI
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy: AWS-DM45/50M-VPI

Bear is the son of Pivo and Millie. He is owned by Dr. Carolyn Kraskey and has participated in and/or trained for a number of dog events. He obtained his AKC championship in 2015 by taking Winners Dog at the AKC parent club's National Specialty.

GeddyGeddy - Little Brownies Legendary Geddy Lee
[Click here to view a pedigree.]
Call name: Geddy
Born: April 20, 2015
OFA Hip: AWS-762G29M-PI
OFA Thyroid: AWS-TH54/18M-VPI
OFA Cardiac: AWS-ACA3/18M-PI
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy: AWS-DM59/18M-PI

Geddy is from a breeding between Brownie and Gracie. He lives in Michigan and can be seen at Great Lakes AWSC training events and here at home when he comes for private or group training lessons. His owner hunts both waterfowl and upland birds here in Michigan along with an occasional trip to a local hunting preserve. Geddy stands about 18" tall and weighs in at 45 pounds. He is a broad, solidly built little machine. He has a great nose and loves to retrieve. He has been raised with a family of four and loves people and other dogs.

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