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Older Pup, Adult and Started Dog...

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From time to time Little Brownies has older pups, started field dogs, and adult dogs for sale. These are dogs that we have raised and trained with every intention of potentially keeping them within our breeding program. For one reason or another, we have decided that a particular dog is not what we were looking for and, therefore, is not a good fit for the breeding program at this juncture. Once that decision is made we offer the dog for sale.

Older pups are just that, puppies, less than one year old, who have been socialized and started on a training regimen but are not necessarily highly trained. Started field dogs have been trained to retrieve on land and water, been shot over, retrieve to hand, are sometimes force-broken, and respond to a variety of whistle and hand signals. These are dogs that are ready for the field provided the buyer does the necessary follow-up work. Adult dogs are those that may be two years or older.

Boy or Girl, which is best?

It seems that most people inquire about getting a female puppy with the common misconception that the females have better temperaments, are easier to train, or will not be aggressive. We often get the question: What is the difference in temperament between a male and female American Water Spaniel? We don't feel that there is much of a difference in the temperament of the two sexes. As breeders we tend to keep more females than males, but of the males we have they have just as nice a temperament as the females and are sometimes even more loving. In fact most visitors to our home like our males better than the females. The males tend to be very outgoing and love to have fun! We have owned, hunted over and trained many AWS and neither sex has been consistently better in the field than the other. If you are looking for a companion and not a breeding prospect you may want to consider a male too.

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