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Grizzly and Ursa Litter

Born: March 2, 2021

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Ursa's four pups  

Ursa gave birth to four pups. We used the names of nuts for this litter's theme. Their temporary names are Walnut (affectionately called Wally) - Purple collar, Pistacio - Green collar, both are boys, Almond - Yellow collar, and Hazelnut - Orange collar, both are girls.

Three days old 

This is how small the litter was at three days of age. Pistacio weighed just 150g at birth and after a couple of days started to catch up to the others in weight.


This is how big Pistacio was the evening of his birth.  

Pups in incubator

We always try to stay on top of new trends in the rearing of our pups. This year we attended a webinar by Dr. Marty Greer who recommended all breeders utilize this incubator to give their pups a good start. We and the pups love it.

With mom at one week of age

At one week of age the pups are pretty similar in size. Ursa is doing a great job taking care of them as we can tell by their growth and how much she cares for them.

This picture lets you see just how much they have grown in a week. Compare their size in this picture to how small their were in the picture above. A couple of the pups have doubled in size.  

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