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We support the Great Lakes AWSC. Click on the logo below for information about the club.

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Internet Links of Interest to
AWS Owners and Enthusiasts

Clicking on any of the text in blue will send you to a site where you can learn more about the organization mentioned.

AWS Health Survey

There is an AWS health survey located on the OFA website. This survey is anonymous so anyone filling it out will not have to reveal personal information such as names, registration numbers, etc. If used properly this survey may serve as a vital tool to the AWS community. We urge all who have or have had AWS to fill out the survey as best they can. Those who often wonder just what problems plague the AWS can view the survey results to see exactly what is being reported by the AWS community. Click here to go to the survey site.

Canine Registries

AKC logo The American Kennel Club, Inc.

Located in New York City, NY this registry recognized the AWS in 1940 and has a wide range of activities available to dog enthusiasts including Spaniel Hunt Tests for the American Water Spaniel. Click here to read about the AKC Spaniel Hunt Test program and here to read the AWS's AKC breed standard.

UKC The United Kennel Club, Inc.

Located in Kalamazoo, MI with activities throughout the US, this was the first registry recognize the AWS, doing so in 1920, and bills itself as devoted to the "Total Dog" (i.e. dogs with both working and show titles). Through its affiliate, the Hunting Retriever Club, it offers retrieving tests for the AWS. Click hereto read the AWS's UKC breed standard.

Conservation Organizations

Delta Waterfowl

A national organization dedicated to securing the future of waterfowl and waterfowl hunting.

DUDucks Unlimited

A national organization to assist in maintaining and improving wetland habitat for waterfowl.

Pheasants ForeverPheasants Forever

A national organization to assist in maintaining and improving habitat for pheasants.

Dog Clubs

We encourage all AWS enthusiasts to seek out and join local or regional clubs dedicated to activities that you are interested in. Whether your interests are centered in hunting, obedience, dog shows, or other activities there is likely to be a club nearby that will help you pursue such activities.

GL AWSC logoGreat Lakes American Water Spaniel Club (aka Great Lakes AWSC)

Primarily a field training club for American Water Spaniel enthusiasts. This club's members are mostly located throughout the Great Lakes region and it provides a number of training days during the warmer months for members, non-members, and all breeds of spaniels. Click here to download a membership application.

Michigan Flyways Retriever Club

This club is located in the Midland, MI area and holds training sessions and AKC retriever hunt tests each year. They are also a Master Nationals club.

Central Michigan Hunting Retriever Club

The club is located in mid Michigan and hosts a number of training days throughout the year, as well as, a set of HRC retriever hunt tests in late spring. If you are interested in working in HRC and live in central Michigan this is a good group to work with.

For a Healthy Dog

AWS PartnersAWS Partners

This is a website pertaining to information concerning the Keoni project and a variety of other health issues that may affect the AWS. Linda Ford and Beth Lagimoniere are responsible for creating this project. We commend them for looking out for the welfare of the American Water Spaniel in such a broad and caring manner. Their work can be supported by contributions to the AKC Canine Health Foundation's AWS Partners - Donor Advised Funds. Click here to find out more about AKC/CHF.

Canine Health Foundation

Click on the following icon to get information about canine health issues:

Genome Barks Podcast

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Maintains a registry of health clearances for the AWS including those pertaining to hip, heart, thyroid and eyes.


Canada's Guide to Dogs... a comprehensive Web site about all breeds


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